A mom’s desire

By | 16 Maret 2018

Sitting sweetly at the verandah of the residence, an pastime that is constantly achieved throughout school holidays, taking part in the cool morning air at my dad’s deceased relics residence.
i’m a terrible sixteen-12 months-antique teenager who has little wish of wish, ideals and even success. but it is anyone’s right to seize it, despite the fact that it sounds impossible if it happens to me.
What must I do when I develop up? Am I continuing with this kind of scenario?

“Zahra … are available boy, we have breakfast first” my mother’s voice right away interrupted my daydreaming.
“And after breakfast please buy the elements to make the cake yeah ya, the mother does now not sense well”
“nicely bu,” I stated shortly.

The solar began to go to the stopover. And it’s time to peddle my mother’s cake.
“Cake, cookies, cookies … please p.c., bu sold the cake.” it is the weapon I usually use to attract consumers. I peddle this cake around the village. perhaps by way of selecting up this snackball will be bought out quickly.

“Deck, buy the cake, how a great deal does one seed value?”
“only a thousand rupiah bu”
“sure that is the mom to buy five sure deck”
“thanks ya bu …”

nightfall already indicates its mild, two hours around however this snack has no longer offered out but. however Alhamdulillah have already got some money that i get for day after today.

“Assalamu’alaikum, bu?”
“W’alaikumsalam, eh have gone home. sit down here first, mom get water for drink sure ”
“No need bu, Zahra can take it your self, mom’s nonetheless ill, so higher mother ruin”

Throw this frame on a thin bed, even though now not as old as it used to be but at the least still be able to aid this worn-out body.

Days alternate, like the days earlier than, I do sports like other youngsters. i was on the brink of pass to highschool.

“Braaaakkkkk !!!”
The sound is loud enough that I heard interrupted i was sporting my hijab, I right away ran to the mother’s room because the ultimate two months were critically unwell.
“Astaghfirullah, mother why?” My panic have become due to the fact i found my mom already lying on the ground. with out questioning instantly I helped my mother to lie on the mattress.
“thanks son, but mom is k. mom simply want to the restroom, however abruptly the pinnacle of the mother feels dizzy, heavy and the mom fell ”
“If there may be something mommy can call me, then let me assist bu”
“mom did no longer need to hassle you son, yes already there pass to high school.”
“however what about the mom if I live alone at domestic?”
“God willing, mother can take care of yourself, and you want to take into account. We may be negative treasure, however we must now not be poor technology and faith ”
“Yeah bu, Zahra will constantly keep in mind the recommendation of mother, Zahra pass first ya bu, Assalamu’alaikum ..”
“Wa’alaikumsalam …”

Tet, tet, tet … 2d bell rang, it become the sign of the quit of sophistication time. Time to genuinely refresh the idea that has been struggling for 2 hours with the cloth.

Allah is the greatest, Allah is the finest…
Dzuhur adzan voice reverberation, I went instantly to highschool mosque to meet my responsibility.

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah,
Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullah,
Prayer is over, by some means this tear comes out of hiding, with my arms searching up I pray. Pray for my mom’s recuperation.
“O Allah, forgive my servant’s sins, improve the sickness, extend the life of the mom of the servant, provide health to the mom of the servant with a purpose to be able to move as earlier than. Servant could be very loving he Ya Allah, Aamiin Aamiin Ya Rabbal alamin … “

The school day was over, and as I entered the little alley leading to my residence, an old gentleman ran over even as calling my name and coming to me. My thoughts is screwed up, i am considering my mother. And it is proper.
Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun ..
Pak RT gave me the news. I ran to the residence. My tears welled up, my stream of breath became abnormal, my frame changed into flat, I do no longer recognize what to do now. Oh God, why did you are taking every other part of my circle of relatives when you took my father first. i have not made my mother glad, O God. I became an increasing number of after seeing my pale and bloodless mom.