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Like a celeb within the Sky

“My call is twilight, I honestly like the twilight and beautiful vivid stars within the night time sky. i’m just a village kid who has so many dreams and desires. My dream of turning into a successful character even supposing only a fraction of a percent of the reality of my life presently. You need… Read More »

Writing global Writing

Selly is in her room while writing her favorite book. You need to recognise, Selly is writing what? Yep, Selly is writing a short tale. indeed, already dozens of brief tales Selly make it, he is very hobby to write and pursue the world of writing. in addition, Selly also continually sends his work to… Read More »

Be A Hero

Superhero, who does not need to be a terrific hero. Having the electricity, can help folks who are distressed, and liked via many humans. that’s the dream of a cave as a child, can assist human beings with all the effort i can muster. hello cave name Raditya anandika, cave often referred to as Radit… Read More »

Kartini From Ujung Negeri

The lovely morning surroundings, the breeze that blew from the ocean, crossed the rocks of the rocks neatly coated up at the mouth of the seashore. as though now not to be outdone to brighten up the surroundings of the morning, the birds respond to every different beautiful chirps upload to the splendor welcome the… Read More »

a piece of White Paper

as though to understand a celeb away from the bottom of the wormhole, so did I attempt to locate the pages of technology. what is so impossible for this type of slum-dressed man or woman, each day to grapple with stones, dust and gravel, and sweat-like rain sweeping from head to toe, at each moment… Read More »

The 2 kids

This coffee makes my mind bring together all of the occasions that I witnessed this afternoon, on the threshold of the the front avenue into the alley. the garbage mom brought her kids to work together. the two children picked up the garbage. sometimes they forestall and sit down or even lie down at the… Read More »

The exceptional parents

My mother and father aren’t wealthy businessmen, not civil servants but they’re simply ordinary farmers, however their interest to schooling is so great. My father graduated from excessive school and my mother did now not graduate from essential faculty due to the fact while my mother became in 5th grade SD her father died my… Read More »

Village Recycle

I awoke, nonetheless within the equal atmosphere, getting out of the refuge. bloodless, damaged, chaotic and abnormal. The rest of the storm the previous day destroyed citizens’ homes, mosques, and schools. I additionally walked stumbling seok closer to my college. No, i’m not going to high school as traditional, but I want to peer the… Read More »

The Swordsman Cimangguhilir

I regarded tired the educate window, people were passing via to greet the morning with pleasure. I saw a group of small children flocking on bicycles in basic college uniforms and pleased smiles painted on their faces. Seeing the incident, a reminiscence came to my mind. Cimangguhilir Village, 1989 “mother, Malik depart ya !! Assalamualaikum!”… Read More »

Technology Kartini

In a small village, below the foot of the hill, there lived an unlucky family. the daddy works as a farmer, the mom most effective a food supplier in a marketplace placed a ways from the village. they have 3 children. The eldest named Bella, she dropped out of college because she wanted to help… Read More »