Frog And Snail

By | 5 Maret 2018

Frog And Snail story suggestion tale Touching story Motivation short story there’s a snail always appears cynical approximately frogs. someday, the frog who lost his mood eventually said to the snail: “Mr. Snail, have I made a mistake, so that you hate me a lot?”

Snail stated:
“You frogs have four legs and may leap here and there,
however I have to convey this heavy shell, crawl at the ground, so I experience very unhappy. ”

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Frog replied:
“every lifestyles has its personal struggling, it’s simply which you simply see my joy, however you do not see the suffering
us (frogs). ”

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And immediately, there has been a big eagle flying up at them, the snail fast inserted its frame into the shell, while the frogs were eaten with the aid of eagles …
Snail is …

sooner or later just found out … it turns out its shell isn’t a burden … however is the benefit …

enjoy your lifestyles, no want to examine with others. Our own hearts in the direction of others will carry greater suffering …
Fortune isn’t always usually a gold, a gem or a whole lot of money, not when we are in a luxurious home and visit the auto.

Rejeki is certainly a soul and a relaxed heart … because tranquility and happiness could be very expensive