Happy road Mang Mukti, “Nahu Sen”

By | 16 Maret 2018

Mang Mukti, greeting human beings to him. Mang Mukti is a neighbor round the corner. the man is humorous, kind and likes to invite little children to play. And he likes to sing with the accompaniment of the guitar that he played. I recollect while i was 8 years antique exactly grade three basic school. I whine to shop for robotic unloaded pairs that can also be a vehicle. but mama does no longer need to conform with my request. because the word mama I just sold every other toy. I cried continuously.

It became out that Mang Mukti had seen me crying. And tomorrow after I come domestic from faculty, want to get into the fence of the residence.
“Fi, Rafi .. here ..” call Mang Mukti from the wall of our house. i was drawing close.
“what’s up Mang?” I answered.
“it is for Rafi, a toy ..” he said. Pas I open, it turns ..
“Horeeee robots unloading pairs.” I yelled excitedly. “thanks yes Mang ..”
“yes. Do now not cry anymore yes. And should be diligent to analyze .. “stated Mang Mukti whilst rubbing my hair.

Mang Mukti isn’t always a large income character. he is only a toy dealer. Mang Mukti lives by myself. Mang Mukti has lengthy been divorced from his wife. Mang Mukti has youngsters, however he does not need to trouble his children. that is what I salute with Mang Mukti. Mang Mukti by no means hesitate to assist others. despite the small profits he earns. He is also anyone who is right at analyzing al-qur’an. therefore, each nighttime evening sunset prayer prayer. Me and the youngsters around my residence constantly go to his residence to study the Koran. he is unconditional, and very glad to train us. No payment isn’t any problem.

Oya had additionally that time he became joking with us-youngsters around the house. either I forgot what our initial communique was. Tetiba Mang Mukti issued the word “Nahu Sen ..” We have been taken aback. Then Fatan requested, “What do you know sen?” Hehe. Mang Mukti became giggling.
“Nahu sen it way no money.”
“Ohh …” We solution in unison. due to the fact the sentence nahu sen that prompted through Mang Mukti it. We use it each day while we play again.

however after i am massive i’m precisely high school. Mang Mukti moved home. And the residence subsequent to our residence become sold. It became out that he had offered a residence close to his son’s house, and his son requested. She turned into presented by way of her son to live along with her at home. but nonetheless Mang Mukti refused. even though already moved but our family conversation and Mang Mukti continue to be properly set up. occasionally i was the first to call him to ask for information.

every week ago .. Kring. kring .. kring .. The sound of my residence cellphone rang. seemingly it’s a call from his own family Mang Mukti, who is none aside from his son. Papa picked up the cellphone. “Assalamualaikum..”
“Waalaikumusalam ..”
“this is actual together with his home Om Hafis”
“Oya proper, myself, who is this?”
“that is Indra’s son Mr. Mukti Om .. want to tell, final night time my father had long past to rahmatullah. Comes for 1 day. because of an coincidence while promoting, journeying. Nudged the auto, and fell instantly hit the tortoar. And earlier than Dad breathed his ultimate, he asked to proclaim the circle of relatives of Om Hafis, and he greeted the own family of Om Hafis and mainly for Rafi. “

“Innalillahi wa innaillahi rojiun ..” We that morning had been at domestic, and i used to be pretty much to visit campus, amazed to pay attention him say that.
“We and my own family also grieve ndra, with any luck the deceased obtained by using His facet, and the circle of relatives turned into given staying power” endured papa.
“yes om aamiin .. thank you. This afternoon is buried om, after the zuhur prayer provider ”
“Oya Insha Allah our own family will pass there.”
“thanks om, Assalamualaikum ..”
“Waalaikumussalam ..”

After Dad hung up the cellphone with a completely complete face. i am the maximum eager to invite, “Who became that Pa? And who died? ”
“It turned into his son Mang Mukti who referred to as, he preach that Mang Mukti closing night time died by means of coincidence. And turned into handled on the medical institution and this afternoon might be buried “Ucap papa.
“Innalillahi wa innaillahi rojiun” Ucapku and mama.

Then for a second I don’t forget all of the reminiscences with Mang Mukti when i used to be a baby. Now a generous person, loving little kids, loving to others, and tough employee no longer exists. on the quit of his age he did not want to trouble all of us else. He nonetheless works. up to dying to pick out her up. I recollect his message, when he wanted to transport domestic at that time.