he is a chum of the alternative global

By | 16 Maret 2018

that is story
sunny morning, “hoaaam” came the voice of this tomboy girl. “Wow, it is already 6:15 pm !! past due “, Tia turned into brief to go to the toilet and alternate clothes with out breakfast. And strolling due to the fact faculty is near sufficient to his domestic

On the road
“whats up candy female going wherein ya? going to school huh? mending no longer need to run out of time aja “said a person, and it turns out that character is the head of motor genk! at the side of its genk
“Uh basic crazy, my parents already slam bones for my school prices, exceptional wrote pass skip bolosan. tu mouth loe disekolahin first “said Tia without any fear
“Oh, sure? are you absolutely all right? mending loe follow us to the Bar. whilst ingesting alcohol “said one member of the motorcycle genk. and pulled Tia’s hand
“Ihhh lepasin deh, eh loe suppose i am scared what? even though i’m nonetheless in junior excessive faculty. i will guard the reality !!! i’ve been going to school already late “Tia said with a snap
“And don’t forget you’ll go to my enemy list” Tia persisted
“Oh, yes? wow! “says the motor genk
“yes already out of the way” Tia said as he pushed the motorbike chairman and rush to high school

In faculty
“Then 5y expanded 7x same to 35xy” yap who else except the mathematics instructor brilliant killer
“Sorry bu i’m late” Tia
“You once more you’re too overdue .. mother will not come up with any extra tolerance !! now you adore the mom of punishment this is clean the faculty yard to easy without any DEBIT “grasp
“Yeah mom so kok hell”
“mom do no longer need to understand! quick or mother introduced punishment ”
“yes deh bu” Tia

Teng Teng Teng * clock damage signal
“Oh whichever isn’t completed but smooth, sure if not clean, plusin deh punishment” Tia
“genuinely warm right here” Tia who apparently can’t stand the warmth for too long
and BRUKK !! Tia fainted … her pal Rini added to UKS

within the UKS
looks Tia who fainted
#they dreamed on the time of fainting
“hello Tia” said a person
“who’re you? why do you know my name? “Tia
“i’m laura, I really want to have friends. name hassle, no longer crucial I understand from in which “stated someone who seemingly named Laura
“hah!? you live in some other international from me? “Tia changed into bowled over
“sure and that i actually need to be a friend of any other global, you need to be my nice pal, i will appearance shape for your world however others will not see me” Laura
“adequate. I want virtually “

“Nggghhh …” Tia
“Tia, tia you are aware” Rini
“Eh eh Rini, where am I?”
“you are in UKS”
“UKS? Why me? Which Laura? ”
“You fainted even as clearing the sector, eh but Laura who” Rini
“Oh yes Laura is my nice friend of the arena” in inner tia
“Baseball kok, one ngomong aja”
“Oh good enough”

and Tia in united statesis very limp, till the bell is going domestic from college

Teng Teng Teng * bell domestic

“i’m going domestic first yes rini, thank you earlier united statesnemenin” tia
“adequate the same, you’re my buddy” rini


“Loh Laura !!” tia
“yes it’s me, do now not you get via the watermelon deh” laura
“Why why ra?”
“there is a motorcycle genk this morning”
“How do ?”