Hidden opportunities

By | 2 Maret 2018

If we in no way make errors, it’s top we see once more our step.

Lest we do now not budge a hint. mistakes are uncomfortable, however an optimist learns extra from mistakes than from achievement.

mistakes lead us to relearn some thing that came about. now not simplest that, errors lead us to take higher action.

errors are good pals who say vaguely what we ought to do.

look at the error as it is. hold prejudice, unhappiness and lament while errors come to us. due to the fact, in the back of the hidden faults hidden opportunities.
Colombus made a huge “mistake” in his journey to discover a route to India, which is to find the yankee continent.

yet years later, millions of people follow these “errors” to acquire the prosperity in their lives.

nevertheless we think about it as a mistake?