Minor voice My Country

By | 16 Maret 2018

Mentari started out to return to his bed. changed by using the moon, even though no longer as bright as the solar, but still charming and enhance my eyes once I see it. My buddy Arif and that i went to the mosque for the congregational prayers in congregation.
After the prayer we sat inside the mosque while telling memories to wait for prayer time. I noticed Abdur pensive in the front of the pulpit of the mosque there may be what he idea I idea to myself. Arif is a pal of mine who is a college with me but he isn’t like him from Kupang NTT, his real name is in reality Arifin Jones and he stated inside the village he became known as with Jones, however I suppose he’s extra suitable to be referred to as Arif simplest.

“whats up what are you questioning a …?” I stated
“Oh no .., I just remembered the occasions that occurred in Kupang”
“What took place?”
“At that point at the island of Flores, Rokatenda volcano erupted, he erupted from October 2012 until December 2013, 14 months. It changed into even from the start he erupted till he become his first birthday so no items came, no ”
“reasonable abdur while Rokatenda volcano erupted at that time become included by way of flood news of Jakarta, fair if the authorities does now not realize, even Jakarta floods turn out to be a country wide disaster, due to the fact the nation loses 20 trillion”
“sure 20 trillion, whilst the natural disasters that hit our vicinity just damage the united states thousand rupiah. 2 portions of 500 cash for ear cover ”
“that’s our government they cannot want to peer not to mention take note of our place, you have got accurate strength, nice meal, sleep at ease, distinctive from us inside the east there, no strength, we sit nevertheless floor floor consume potluck, that even the government communicate” whats up you guys jap you just wait we’ll awaken seats there, we like the power, we like you eat exceptional “but till their tenure runs out none of them come”

listening to Arif’s phrases I simply silent, questioning what is incorrect with this u . s . a . to the extent that the easterners don’t forget them now not Indonesian residents. Is it real that we’re free, whether or not we are like Palestinians but with specific paths, our 71 years of independence each 12 months increases the flag however why many go through! He stated the terrible and overlooked youngsters are stored by the nation but in fact they’re below the bridge begging, south to north east to southeast from the bottom of the island of Sumatra to the top of the island of Papua we are all brothers united with the motto of Bhineka Tunggal Ika, however why we adore in Palestine, but if indeed we’re impartial, why get right of entry to to training and health remains hard as dijalur Gaza. we are standing on legs however unable to preserve our heads have plenty of sources but are built up under a superpower.

I did no longer count on the time became 19:05 pm, 10 minutes once more adzan isya Arif wake me from my daydream to head take ablution water.
After the prayer I went instantly domestic, due to the fact there may be still a university project that i have now not performed, even as i used to be mendacity in mattress I nevertheless remembered my conversation with Arif earlier until it made me nod off.

the following day. when i used to be camped i was startled with the aid of the voice of someone called my call referred to as “Rozy” and i became again into the returned of Arif
“hello have eaten?” Arif requested
“now not but!”
“Ohh not yet! Kalu so go to pass devour? ”
“Come on !!”

Upon arriving at the cafeteria we noticed a female whose call turned into Fira, he had lengthy favored Arif, however Arif did no longer need to inform his heart to Fira.
“Arif, you know why now there may be no girl whose call is plants, Roses, Melati, you know?”
“well it’s miles clean there’s no such component as a plant name!”
“hiya i am severe!”
“ok okay, maybe too plebeian maybe !!”
“Rif’s incorrect one, in reality it’s due to the fact ladies are actually lovely due to their makeup, thick powder none of those beautiful natures just like the lovely Rose, Melati, it’s now not there!”
“Cool bro, cool-cool, good day recognise now not most effective that, human beings additionally regularly see a person from the outdoor only, even they make the belief” Dont choose a ebook via its cover “however we are human stop fraud”
“sure, all of us decide someone from the outdoor only, even no longer best that there are also people suppose they may be perfect, and think their partner is not well worth it for him” said Arif to me
“essentially this man is nothing ideal, perfect is God only, and lu know why god creates us in pairs, that is because every person has benefits and disadvantages, so one couple can cover the shortcomings of his partner and vice versa” replied