My teacher is my suggestion

By | 16 Maret 2018

here i am a 12 12 months old woman who pursues a dream. My call is Aishah, i am one of the women in junior high college in Magelang. My Junior high school belongs to junior high faculty which is very liked from the society, every year many parents who sign up their children in my faculty because my faculty was as soon as RSBI.

My lifestyles feels as though I recognise an excellent teacher. Her name is Mrs. Selia, she is my favourite instructor in school. He approach a lot in my lifestyles, how not, my teacher is an accomplished instructor. loads of achievements inside the field of Ipa specially Biology he accomplished a lot. because my teacher desires to comply with in his footsteps in fulfillment. on account that youth I truely preferred Mapel Ipa and mathematics. regularly I comply with a MIPA Mapel Olympic competition in my town though I usually fail to grow to be a champion.

however is not failure a behind schedule victory? consequently I do no longer despair and continually observe tough. My instructor continually teaches me what I do no longer know. till at some point once I attended the Olympic city stage MIPA Olympic competition, I got 2nd location. I received the primary time. My business isn’t always smooth. way to my trainer I grow to be someone who respects others and continually works hard. no longer conceited and humble is me. I do now not want to boast of my little prestige.

till finally whilst my trainer is unwell and can’t be helped by means of the medical doctor who handles it. My teacher has Kidney ailment. i was very sad whilst i found out my master became gone. My teacher may be very significant to me. anyhow, I had to maintain my instructor away. earlier than my grasp died, i used to be inside the 2nd MIPA Olympic competition. And alhamdulillah I were given the champion one. when I learned my master become gone, this cup was for my liked instructor.

despite the fact that you are now absent beside me, your offerings I usually consider O Hero student. Congratulations my teacher. you are my idea.