Silent And Silent with out Dinar

By | 16 Maret 2018

Dinar, it really is the call of my best friend. In reality, we have been continually collectively till I forgot that we have been now not siblings. Me and Dinar live inside the Hikmah Orphanage. we’re additionally roommates. I by no means checked out Dinar one of a kind from the others. A crippled baby like Dinar have to have a hidden talent. Dinars love rain. every time it rained, he would take me out of the house to accompany him to play with rain drops.

“Nar, we are learning, yuk! tomorrow, right, there may be a day by day Physics test. “Take me to Dinar.
Dinar took his e-book inside the bag. “Come on, Nad!” We studied physics cheerfully. Dinar taught me about what fabric i have now not understood. every so often, I additionally taught him. unexpectedly it rained. Dinar moves his wheelchair near the window. She seems overjoyed, “Come on, Nad! We play outside, yuk! “invites Dinar.

“however we are just gaining knowledge of a chapter. Kan, who entered two chapters, Dinar! “I refused.
“Come on, Nad. have you ever forgotten our friendship promise? “Pinta Dinar begged. sure, I cannot refuse. Me and Dinar out of the residence. mother of Syara approached us both. “Geez! Dinar, Nadya, wherein are you going? “asked mother Syara.
“Me and Nadya need to play rain, Bun.” spoke back the dinar quick.
“need to no longer. Heavy rain. You can get ill. Already, permit’s cross inside again! “mother Syara closed the door and walked away.
I saw the Dinar crying and leaving me. I experience pity.

the following day, I awoke from my sleep. I noticed that Dinar changed into ready with the plaid uniform we wore each Wednesday.
“Nar, watch for me, sure.” My love for Dinar. Dinar did no longer answer, he simply walked away.
I hurriedly showered. I want to catch up with Dinar. moreover, Dinar in no way went by myself to high school. i am afraid nothing took place to Dinar.
“Nadya, why have to I hurry? permit’s take a seat here first. “Invite mother Syara.

“Excuse me, Nadya, Bun. Nadya desires to catch up with Dinar. bad, he went to school himself. “I responded in reality.
mother Syara nodded. “o.k.. Be careful on the road sure! “Message Bunda Syara.
I hurriedly stopped the angkot. Fyuh, ultimately there’s angkot too. I were given to highschool. , Mrs. Hani approached me.
“Coincidentally, there you’re, Nadya. can you purchase cartons and markers inside the photo reproduction on the opposite aspect? here’s the money. “Mrs. Hani stated as she exceeded me a 10 thousand rupiah bill.

“yes, ma’am.” I answered curtly. I jog to the image copy on the opposite facet.
“Mbak Sisy, I buy cartons and markers, sure!” I stated to Mbak Sisy, the picture copy protect.
“yes. Returns 3 thousand, sure! “He stated. I noticed the Dinar who also wanted to go the street.
“Nar, why do now not you watch for me?” I puzzled. similar to final time. Dinar did now not solution.
i have seemed to the right and left then I crossed. but, Dinar has not run his wheelchair. abruptly, there was a truck that flew at excessive speed. I cowl my face with my hands.

“PARRR … !!!!” Like a loud banging sound. I open my eyes. I see the determine of Dinar lying bloody!
“DINAR .. OPEN MATAMU !!!! DINAR .. “I cried. alas, Dinar is long gone for properly. goodbye Dinar.