Small Fish and Water

By | 2 Maret 2018

sooner or later a father and his son were sitting chatting through the river. the father stated to his son, “take a look at my son, water is so important in this life, with out water we all will die.”

on the identical time, a small fish heard the verbal exchange from beneath the water floor, the little fish abruptly agitated and questioned if that water, which he stated turned into so important in lifestyles. The little fish swam from upriver to downstream, asking each fish he met, “Do you know where the water is? i’ve heard human verbal exchange that with out water life will die. ”

It became out that each one the fish that had been requested did not realize in which the water become, the little fish became greater harassed, then he swam to the spring to meet the experienced elderly fish, to the elder fish that this little fish asked the same factor, “Does water? ”

The aged fish replied wisely, “No need to fear my son, the water has been around you, so that you do not even notice his presence. it’s far genuine, without water we can all die. ”

What does the story mean to us. people every now and then experience the same conditions as small fish, attempting to find lifestyles and happiness, at the same time as they are residing it, even happiness is enclosing it in order that it does not even recognize it.