Stylish solutions from the Bakso man

By | 16 Maret 2018

One nighttime after paintings, I nevertheless had the possibility to take care of the flora in the front of the residence, noticing some foster youngsters who were learning to draw maps, as well as coloring. dropping rain is usually followed in every afternoon on this rainy season.

whilst the hand is a touch soily dirt, … sounds tek tek … tekek .. tek … the sound of meatballs pushers pass. whilst wiping the sweat …, i ended the meatballs and ordered a few bowls of meatballs after asking the kids, who desires meatballs?

“Mauuuuuuuuu. …”, concurrently and compactly my foster youngsters answered.

finished eating meatballs, then I paid it. …

there may be one element that tickles my mind at some stage in this time after I pay it, the bakso baker separates the cash he receives. One is kept in the drawer, one to the wallet, the opposite to a tin-like can of some sort kencleng. Then I ask about my interest all this time.

“Mang if you may know why the money – the cash is separated? perhaps there may be a purpose?” “sure sir, Emang has been separating this money throughout a bakso baker that has lasted almost 17’s easy goal, Emang simply want to separate what’s the proper Emang, which is the rights of others / places of worship, and which can be the rights â € “the intention of perfecting the faith”.

“meaning .. …?”, I persevered to invite.

“yes sir, it is faith and God inspire us to proportion with every different.Bagi divide three, with the division as follows:

1. money getting into the wallet, this means that to satisfy the wishes of everyday existence and own family Emang.

2. money that is going into the drawer, that means for infaq / alms, or to perform the Qurban worship. And alhamdulillah for 17 years as a meatballs guy, Emang always comply with qurban a goat, although the goats are medium size most effective.

3. cash that is going to kencleng, due to the fact emang need to ideal the faith that Emang maintain is Islam. Islam obliges to its capable humans, to perform the pilgrimage. This pilgrimage might fee lots. So Emang mentioned with wife and spouse agree that during each daily income from the sale of meatball, Emang have to set apart some income as savings pilgrimage. And insha Allah for 17 years saving, about 2 extra years Emang and spouse will carry out the pilgrimage.

My heart may be very …… ….. very touched to hear that answer. it is a easy answer to this is very noble. Even maybe we who’ve a touch better destiny of the emang bakso builders, do no longer always have thoughts and beautiful plans in existence like that. And frequently take cover in the back of the inadequate or unfortunate.

I keep to invite a little doubt, as follows: “yes certainly suitable …, however the pilgrimage is most effective required for the in a position, including having the capability within the cost ….”.

He answered, “this is why Mr. Emang is embarrassed to talk about being able or incapable, because the definition is capable of now not the right of the RT or the RW percent, now not the proper of the Camat or MUI.

The definition of “capable” is a definition in which we are given the freedom to outline it ourselves. If we define ourselves as incapable humans, then perhaps we are able to forever turn out to be incapable humans. Conversely, if we define ourselves, “able”, then God willing with all authority and authority God will provide us capability “.

“Masya Allah …, an elegant solution from a bakso”.