The 2 kids

By | 16 Maret 2018

This coffee makes my mind bring together all of the occasions that I witnessed this afternoon, on the threshold of the the front avenue into the alley. the garbage mom brought her kids to work together. the two children picked up the garbage. sometimes they forestall and sit down or even lie down at the roadside. I sigh. My heart sliced at the sight.

many things are on my mind. i’m still one of the billion people lucky sufficient to revel in napping on a soft, at ease mattress.
I do no longer want to be that way if i’m vintage. I should paintings difficult now to boast of my son, someday. I could not help however cry once I noticed them consuming rice from the wrap they met within the trash.
truely. i am sobbing. I frequently throw away the leftover rice, although it is still really worth eating. I regularly whinge because of the dishonest aspect dish.

What approximately the two kids? they could nonetheless devour leftovers with satisfaction, gusto, no disgust. God, I have become one of the billions of greedy guys. one of them is ungrateful. I took some other breath and threw it away with my thousand tension. until ultimately there is good purpose that appears.

My feet stepped into the store and bought some snacks. Then I walked over to his mother and two kids. I smile.

“accurate afternoon mom”.
The mom smiled again. “Afternoon, mbak”
“is this your daughter?” I pointed at the 2 youngsters and smiled kindly at them.
“yes leave out”

“hi, you’re his call?”. I seemed down, likening my peak to them.
“i am sani, and this is my brother Ridho”
“hello, Sani. Hallo, Ridho. What age are you? ”
“i am 4 years vintage”, this time the Ridho answered as he held up 5 hands. I chuckled. Even they do not recognize the remember.

“Oh sure. Mba has a snack for you men. There are candies, sweets, and bread. Do you want it? ”
I give the plastic this is in my hand to them. I noticed a grin on their lips.
“Likes, mbak. is that this for us? ”
“Yeah, it is for you. Eaten yes. ”

i used to be surprised whilst my frame changed into pulled and my hand changed into greeted by way of mother. She appeared down. “thanks. thanks”
I pulled my hand and hugged her. “yes, mom. i am happy to peer satisfied mom’s kids. They appear to just like the snacks I purchase ”
“over again, thanks”
I smile

I have to be the one to thank. My mom and mom’s youngsters taught me a lot. about gratitude, caring, humanity. additionally justify my trainer’s phrases. “technology now not handiest you could in school, you could get understanding everywhere and each time”