The meaning of Birthday

By | 16 Maret 2018

finally I understand the meaning of birthdays. I used to suppose that birthday is the happiest day for me except Idul Fitri and Eid al-Adha. I assume while i am birthday then i can get a present from my dad and mom. due to the fact some days before my birthday my dad and mom always ask what I want for my birthday gift or they may marvel me. And now i have found out that birthdays aren’t a satisfied day however a very sad day.

a few days in the past, today is January 7th and meaning quickly i can repeat the 16th 12 months. i am very satisfied approximately it, and this Sunday I plan to move locate a gift that I need to invite my parents. “I guess i will see wherein it used to be,” I stated as I thought. ultimately I determined to visit the shoe keep to look the shoes i’d like. There are a whole lot of cool shoe picks I think, but i am now not so long in a shoe store due to the fact there are nonetheless many other stores i have not visited.

subsequent I visited a apparel save and on the checkout I saw father taking a shoe and soliciting for help to the cashier to be wrapped in wrapping paper. Out of curiosity I went directly to him and requested. “Excuse me sir can ask?” I said. “Oh, please deck what to ask” he answered as he grew to become to me. Then I requested “Bapak could want to give birthday present to someone yes sir?”. “Yeah father did want to provide birthday gift” responded the father.
“If I must understand who is the birthday sir?” I said, asking. “The birthday is my son,” responded the daddy. “if you are a birthday why are you giving provides? now not while our birthday receives a percent gift? “I answered apparently. “simply when we are birthday we do not deserve a present, not to mention ask a present specifically to each mother and father” answered the father. “but sir commonly mother and father always provide us a present when we are birthday” I said to the father. “Birthday is our birthday, and when giving delivery mother put her life on the road to give delivery to us. mom fought so tough we might be born correctly to the arena. So it ought to be while our birthday arrives, then we need to deliver gifts to our mothers to mention thanks for striving to even risking our lives to offer delivery to us. although the present we provide will not be able to reply to all his offerings “stated the daddy.

“Excuse this % present has been wrapped up” said the cashier. “thank you sure,” said the father as he went out to depart the garb save. For a moment I notion of the words of the father. What have I been wrong ?, It seems i have a great deal problem for my mother and father, mother and father could be happy to look his son satisfied but as a infant I additionally have to be glad my parents. I stated to myself, “Permission of the deck there that i can assist” stated the cashier. “Oh no mbak I simply see see” I informed the cashier. After that I went straight home and notion lower back to what the father had said.

while at domestic I once more reflect back the words of pop’s father earlier. “i’ve come domestic deck, it’s way to where the deck aja” mom stated to me. mom stated straight away interrupt my thoughts, then I spoke back “just simply walk the street even as sports bu”. “Loh you just journey a motorcycle, what sports activities journey a motorcycle?” said the mom with interest. “yes sports activities the identical hand foot is bu, kan kalo bike steer hand preserve the guidance wheel maintains the brake element so it’s the identical like sports bu” I stated to the mom. “If most effective like that not a sport, if the game should sweat in which you do now not have sweat” said mom. “not all sports need to sweat bu, sports chess do now not sweat bu” I said to the mother. Then the mother responded “If it is any other component, by means of the manner you want a gift for your birthday later”
“i am hungry to consume allow’s devour bu” I instructed my mother. “Oh there’s a aspect dish on the table you’re taking on my own” said mother to me. and i usually trade the communique every my dad and mom ask what gift I want on birthday, I divert the query by using answering I want to research, I want to go to the rest room, I need to go out and others. because I maih confused want to reply what to my dad and mom.

I retain to mirror at the words of the father within the garments save in advance. I sense stressed what I need to do in my birthday later, do I should ask for a present to my mother and father? Or should I provide a gift to my dad and mom ?. but if I want to provide presents to my mother and father, what the hell