The most valuable present

By | 2 Maret 2018

there is a stunning lake, the water is cool, clean and calm. Its surface shimmered, no longer only as it reflected the moon’s rays, but the marble rocks at the base also emitted mild.

Peace constantly covers it. unluckily, the lake is not easy to reach. It lies in the center of a dense woodland enclosed by using thorny bushes. Tall bushes and wild beasts blocked each step there. Whoever is capable of meet and devour its beauty, the king of the jungle changed into subservient and obedient to him.

The lake is our sense of right and wrong, continuously calling for inner serenity.

the chill of the water tears gives that means to our lives.

whereas thick woods complete of wild animals is a form of thoughts, emotion, lust and sensual notion that always block our way.

without figuring out it may harm us. but, if we’ve got observed the voice of sense of right and wrong, then power and peace surround us.

find our clear lake. this is the maximum valuable gift that we ought to keep in this life.