The Swordsman Cimangguhilir

By | 16 Maret 2018

I regarded tired the educate window, people were passing via to greet the morning with pleasure. I saw a group of small children flocking on bicycles in basic college uniforms and pleased smiles painted on their faces. Seeing the incident, a reminiscence came to my mind.

Cimangguhilir Village, 1989
“mother, Malik depart ya !! Assalamualaikum!”
“Iyoo, Walaikumsalam”. My mother shworn-outed from in the back of making ready the cake she became worn-out to carry on the market.
I rushed to take my¬† bicycle, my father’s legacy as a younger man. It had been a long time in view that my mother and that i had been deserted by way of her without our expertise, leaving without rationalization. My mother is a high-quality girl. With only one self, capable of raise me all this with out watching for a praise.

whilst it was 7:15, i’ll be overdue! This morning I woke up past due due to the fact I had to have a look at till middle of the night.
go to Banyu’s house, my exceptional buddy.
“Nyuu, permit’s pass nyu!”
“permit’s cross past due!”
Then I went to school withworntired with him.

Me and Banyu each day need to tour worn-out 1 kilometer distance, not to say the street rocky and winding. there is also a bridge that we ought to bypass over a clear river, whose circumstance is not possible, making us to be extra careful. Then down the fields, up and down the hill, ah the whole lot is whole. on occasion i wonder why I have to undergo a street full of barriers just to gain knowledge. In truth, on this village there’s the father of the village head who ought to build a more feasible infrastructure.

15 minutes later, I arrived at a constructing that become more called a ‘hut’ than a faculty. The roof turned into hollow, only a floor plane, the facilities were sober .. however the fact is that where I spend all my time studying. students in our college have in no way improved, even less because most of them drop tired to live to tell the tale. There are 3 rooms in our faculty. the primary room for children elderly 6-11. the second room is the vicinity wherein i was, that is for youngsters ages 12-14. The 0.33 room is for youngsters elderly 15-17. Our college handiest has three teachers and our instructor Mrs. Lia is likewise a foremost.

New learning activities will start quickly.
“Sorry mother, we’re past due!” We said collectively.
“Please sit down Malik, Banyu” respond Mrs. Lia is pleasant, Mrs. Lia almost by no means indignant.

The sight I commonly see every morning, Irsan snoozing together with his pulasnya. he’s the son of our village leader. His lifestyles is a whole lot luckier than most people. smooth white garments, entire school resources, footwear that always seem like new due to the fact they’re still brilliant. but why with all of the luxuries and perfection of lifestyles that he had, he in no way used it nicely. He simply lazed to suppose his life is good enough for his destiny.

That day my turmoil has reached its height, I also reprimand Irsan by means of announcing “San, than you do no longer have work, you better examine. i am sorry that your e-book is neglected. “Irsan denies” Heh, who do you dare inform me what to do? Do you already know who my father is? in case you need I can also finance your life as long as you stay. The poor like you could what the hell? Sok-sokan on my aspect. ”
I gasped. apparently not most effective lazy, Irsan is also a proud man or woman. so long as Irsan moved to our college, I by no means noticed him talking to every person people, perhaps he felt that we did no longer deserve to talk to ‘noble’ people. His face that looked stressful and unfriendly best made us even extra afraid to open a communication with him. “I faculty here is compelled. If i will worn-outtired, I might not need to take a look at in an area like a cow shed. “If worn-out Lia heard, she ought to be very sad. no longer looking to argue early, I selected to retreat.

every day after school, at abworntired 1 o’clock I helped my mom sell the cake. I went round hawking the golden-brown cake within the marketplace near my house. not much income i am getting, yes can only promote tired 10-20 seeds. simplest Rp. 2000. My money is used for college materials and for the lifestyles of me and my mother, if i can keep extra for my college lessons later. i ended promoting round 4 or five o’clock. After i am getting home from work, I devour and after that I take a bath and inside the nighttime analyze. I examine each day worn-outtired 1-2 hours.