The tale of Umar and his challenge for the poor

By | 16 Maret 2018

The disaster continues to be in Medina. The sufferer has fallen plenty. The wide variety of terrible humans continues to develop. Caliph Umar Bin Khatab, who felt maximum answerable for the disaster, ordered slaughtering livestock to be distributed most of the people.

whilst the meal got here, the officers selected for Umar the element that have become his ardour: the hump and the heart of the camel. that is Umar’s penchant before entering Islam. “where is that this from?” Umar requested.

“Of the animals slaughtered today,” they spoke back.

“No! No, “stated Umar, preserving the delicious dish out of his sight. “I might be the worst leader if I eat this scrumptious meat and leave the bones for the people.”

Then Umar sent one in every of his companions, “raise up this meal, and get me a few bread and simple oil!” Moments later, Umar ate what he asked for.

The tale of Khalid Muhammad Khalid in his e book ar-Rijal Haular Rasul illustrates how much interest Umar has for his human beings. Such an occasion does no longer take place just as soon as. The tale of Umar’s stumble upon with a mom together with her crying baby is so familiar to our ears. within the midst of sound sleep. He went round and entered the corners of the city of Medina. while meeting a mother and her child who become ravenous, Umar himself went to get meals. He himself also carried it, stirred it, cooked it and served it for the youngsters.

Famine reaches its height Umar become once treated to a slice of bread combined with samin. Umar called a Bedouin and asked him to eat together. Umar did now not feed the food to his mouth earlier than the bedouin did it first. The Bedouins seem to experience the food very plenty. “probably you by no means feel fats?” Umar requested.

“proper,” stated the bedouin. “I by no means devour with samin or olive oil. I also have not visible human beings eat it until now, “he introduced.

listening to the Bedouin’s words, Umar vowed now not to devour fat till anybody lived as traditional. His comments surely proved. The words have been immortalized until then, “If my humans are ravenous, I need the primary man or woman to experience it. If my humans are expensive, I want the ultimate person to experience it. “

while at that point Umar may want to have used kingdom facilities. Iraq’s wealth and Sham are within the palms of Muslims. however now not. Umar prefers to eat together with his human beings.

On any other occasion, Umar received a scrumptious meal from the Governor of Azerbeijan, Utbah bin Farqad. however once understanding that the food is usually served to the elite, Umar right away go back it. To the messenger who brought him Umar stated, “Stretch the human beings first with the meals you typically eat.”

Such attitudes aren’t only owned by using Umar bin Khattab. while he heard from Aishah that Medina become hit by way of starvation. Abdurrahman bin Auf who had just lower back from his exchange at once distributed his wealth to a struggling society. All his property is shipped.

sarcastically, this attitude may be very a ways from the officers now. struggling for the sake of the suffering that keeps to hit this nation, did not cause them to realise. rising prices of primary necessities before gasoline charges upward thrust and growing numbers of bad humans, does now not inspire their hearts. In truth, their extravagant conduct is an increasing number of accepted.

contributors of the Council appointed by using the humans as representatives, in truth many that berleha-leha. loosen up and discover safe. at the identical time, officers who also are directly elected, in no way consider the humans. what’s of their minds, how can it’s secure for the subsequent 5 years.

those who used to vocal criticize corrupt and unjust officers, are actually silent. He become afraid that the chair he presently occupied changed into loose. it is some distance extraordinary from Abu Dhar al-Ghifari, a partner of the Messenger of Allah. when at some point he become scathing criticize officials in Madinah, Ustman bn Affan transferred him to Sham to keep away from struggle. however, on this vicinity he additionally made a pointy grievance on Muawiyah bin Abu Sufyan to sponsor the negative.

Muawiyah once examined it by means of sending cash. but when the next day the money desired to be taken back, Abu Dzar had allotted it to the bad.