The two kids

By | 2 Maret 2018

This espresso makes my brain bring together all the events that I witnessed this afternoon, on the threshold of the the front avenue into the alley. the garbage mother delivered her children to paintings collectively. the 2 children picked up the garbage. every now and then they forestall and take a seat or maybe lie down on the roadside. I sigh. My heart sliced on the sight.

many stuff are on my mind. i’m nevertheless one of the billion people lucky sufficient to experience sound asleep on tender, comfortable mattresses.
I do now not need to be that manner if i’m antique. I need to paintings hard now to boast of my son, in the future. I could not assist however cry once I saw them eating rice from the wrap they met in the trash.
actually. i’m sobbing. I frequently throw away the leftover rice, even though it is nonetheless really worth ingesting. I often bitch due to the cheating aspect dish.

What about the 2 youngsters? they are able to nevertheless consume leftovers with pleasure, gusto, no disgust. God, i am one of the billions of grasping men. considered one of them is ungrateful. I took every other breath and threw it away with my thousand anxiety. till finally there is ideal aim that looks.

My feet stepped into the shop and bought a few snacks. Then I walked over to his mother and kids. I smile.

“desirable afternoon mom”.
The mom smiled back. “Afternoon, mbak”
“is this your daughter?” I pointed at the 2 youngsters and smiled kindly at them.
“sure omit”

“hello, you’re his call?”. I looked down, likening my peak to them.
“i’m sani, and this is my brother Ridho”
“hi, Sani. Hallo, Ridho. What age are you? ”
“i’m 4 years old”, this time the Ridho spoke back as he held up 5 arms. I chuckled. Even they do now not recognize the depend.

“Oh sure. Mba has a snack for you men. There are sweets, goodies, and bread. Do you like it? ”
I deliver the plastic this is in my hand to them. I noticed a grin on their lips.
“Likes, mbak. is this for us? ”
“Yeah, it truly is for you. Eaten yes. “

i used to be amazed when my frame become pulled and my hand changed into greeted by way of mother. She appeared down. “thank you. thank you”
I pulled my hand and hugged her. “sure, mom. i am satisfied to see satisfied mom’s children. They appear to just like the snacks I purchase ”
“another time, thank you”
I smile

I have to be the one to thank. My mom and mother’s youngsters taught me plenty. about gratitude, worrying, humanity. also justify my trainer’s phrases. “science isn’t always most effective you may be in college, you may get understanding anywhere and each time”

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