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By | 16 Maret 2018

Selly is in her room while writing her favorite book. You need to recognise, Selly is writing what? Yep, Selly is writing a short tale. indeed, already dozens of brief tales Selly make it, he is very hobby to write and pursue the world of writing. in addition, Selly also continually sends his work to a site at the net, and his work became published. For Selly, the site is very valuable. If after studying there’s no work, typically Selly make a brief story, Cerbung, and so on. To the extent, Selly has made 3 portions of his selfmade. splendid? Love applause, donk! ?

within the morning, Selly is going to high school along with her fine friend, Sevia. Sevia additionally interest writing, loh! Arriving at school, Selly and Sevia meet Sarah. Sarah is the richest infant of sophistication, she is very conceited and evil. “hey, loopy woman. How are you men? “Sarah said haughtyly to Selly and Sevia. “howdy, too, Sarah, we are precise. but subsequent time I want to ask how are you, do now not mock us crazy women, huh? “Selly answered representing Sevia. “Eh … Sellow, do not be proper in any respect yeah well, use all tender language. Do no longer genuinely hold! “Sarah said. strange deh, dilembutin even angry, later dikasarin, irritated like a bull, how the hell Sarah! “Sarah, do now not exchange humans’s names,” Sevia spoke back with a touch anger. in the end they cease the talk, because pass over Santi, their walikelas come.

“howdy, kids. subsequent week on the Queen hotel, there may be a Cerpen making contest, in our elegance there could be five children representing this faculty. So I want to invite, who’s inclined to symbolize this race? “requested miss Santi. “Me, miss. i can observe the race, i’m able to strive my exceptional as possible “explained Selly at length. “Okey, you come along, Selly. anything else? “omit Santi’s remarks recommended the children to come back along. “i am coming, omit,” Sevia said. “Me too” said Devi. “I come deh, omit” Rena said as properly. “nicely, plus Sevia, Devi, and Rena, it way much less 1. Who would want it?” requested miss Santi burdened. “i am, miss,” Sarah said. in the end recorded, omit Santi asks Selly, Sevia, Devi, Rena, and Sarah to exercise.

1 week later …
the fast tale contest starts offevolved on the Queen motel, for the competition contributors, operating on a brief story beside the degree, for the target market, to peer the contributors from the front of the level.

eventually, time runs out. Selly and others have been looking ahead to the assertion. Sarah is just too assured to win, taunting Selly. eventually, the declaration begins. The statement was study by using Mr. Ahmad. The result, a champion 3 children from every other college, second champion Sevia, and 1st champion Selly. Mrs. Santi changed into happy. whilst Sarah ran to the rest room, she cried all of the at the same time as. Selly overtook Sarah.

“Sarah, you need to be upset because you did no longer win?” Selly asked. “What do you suspect? You do no longer see what sort of instances i’m? “Sarah requested returned. “well already deh, this quick story prize prize turned into for you aja” said Selly at the same time as turning in the gift. “No, I do not receive the prize. First, my brief story isn’t as correct as your brief tale. 2d, i’m often evil you. So, why are you right to me? “Sarah said lowly as she cried. “You cannot communicate like that, Sarah. you’re already considered a friend. Do no longer cry, donk “Selly stated as she hugged Sarah. “i’m sorry, i am Selly” Sarah apologizes to Selly. Selly also forgave Sarah. , omit Santi, Sevia, Devi, and Rena come. “you are my fine friend, Sarah” Sevia joined Sarah. “well, if a friend like that would be excellent. How about all of you I deal with to town Mall, there you may always play in TimeZona “miss Santi bargained. “Agreed!” stated Selly, Sevia, Sarah, Devi, and Rena compact.