My teacher is my suggestion

here i am a 12 12 months old woman who pursues a dream. My call is Aishah, i am one of the women in junior high college in Magelang. My Junior high school belongs to junior high faculty which is very liked from the society, every year many parents who sign up their children in… Read More »

finally Meet again

I handiest got to recognise him closing 12 months, however I experience like i have been with him for a long term. “sure, my mom took a course inside the Aussie, for 4 years, so I should come, due to the fact if i am going to school right here hassle, my parents to the… Read More »

Happy road Mang Mukti, “Nahu Sen”

Mang Mukti, greeting human beings to him. Mang Mukti is a neighbor round the corner. the man is humorous, kind and likes to invite little children to play. And he likes to sing with the accompaniment of the guitar that he played. I recollect while i was 8 years antique exactly grade three basic school.… Read More »

he is a chum of the alternative global

that is story sunny morning, “hoaaam” came the voice of this tomboy girl. “Wow, it is already 6:15 pm !! past due “, Tia turned into brief to go to the toilet and alternate clothes with out breakfast. And strolling due to the fact faculty is near sufficient to his domestic On the road “whats… Read More »

Silent And Silent with out Dinar

Dinar, it really is the call of my best friend. In reality, we have been continually collectively till I forgot that we have been now not siblings. Me and Dinar live inside the Hikmah Orphanage. we’re additionally roommates. I by no means checked out Dinar one of a kind from the others. A crippled baby… Read More »

Rozi The Conqueror Throne

aromatic aroma traditional of coffee began to smell aromatic start the spirit within the morning. The solar began to leap, penetrating the gaps that started to be contaminated via the radiation. i used to be startled from my mattress, bending my spine so it’d not stiffen. I left this little room. Open the door. My… Read More »

Minor voice My Country

Mentari started out to return to his bed. changed by using the moon, even though no longer as bright as the solar, but still charming and enhance my eyes once I see it. My buddy Arif and that i went to the mosque for the congregational prayers in congregation. After the prayer we sat inside… Read More »

My destiny Or My culture?

these days is the worst, my siblings additionally trust them. How not to want to escape from home if like this? My existence is constantly determined by using them, from coming into excessive faculty and stepping into the university today. I feel alive as a person else. uncertain path and simply following the whisper caught… Read More »

A mom’s desire

Sitting sweetly at the verandah of the residence, an pastime that is constantly achieved throughout school holidays, taking part in the cool morning air at my dad’s deceased relics residence. i’m a terrible sixteen-12 months-antique teenager who has little wish of wish, ideals and even success. but it is anyone’s right to seize it, despite… Read More »

The meaning of Birthday

finally I understand the meaning of birthdays. I used to suppose that birthday is the happiest day for me except Idul Fitri and Eid al-Adha. I assume while i am birthday then i can get a present from my dad and mom. due to the fact some days before my birthday my dad and mom… Read More »